Lazarus 4 Days Gone [Podcast]

A fascinating look at Jesus’ raising of Lazarus.

Redemptive Withdrawal (The Cross) in John 11

Jesus remains WITHDRAWN for four days and lets Satan and his power of death (Heb 2:14) do all he can do.  Jesus Christ takes the blame from Martha for what Satan has done.

His purpose in doing so is REDEMPTIVE: to glorify His Father by raising Lazarus before a great crowd of people and “loose” Lazarus from his bindings which symbolize our bondage to sin, self, fear of death, the law and Satan’s power.

God GRIEVES and SUFFERS from the US as we suffer and die at Satan’s hands.  “Jesus wept.”

God allows Satan to suffer an aikido-like SELF-DESTRUCTIVE effect by allowing Satan to kill thereby facilitating the glory of God and our freedom from bondage, like Lazarus, thru the cross!!

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Source By: Todd Tomasella


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