By Travis Bryan III

Todd Tomasella: Through the Cross and the Principle of the Cross, God REVERSES Evil, Anger, and Destruction Back on the Perpetrator’s Own Head.

As in martial arts, God takes a negative force generated by the enemy and uses this negative force to throw the enemy down and defeat him.  God never generates any negative force of His own.  His only negative force is the force of the enemy reversed through the Cross back against the enemy.  At Calvary, Jesus absorbed the blows and turned the other cheek, and loved His enemies.  There, the smiter and his anger and wrath were defeated by his own anger and wrath against Jesus.  This is the pattern for us.  Matt 5:25-26; 38-48.

Heb 2:14;

1 Cor 3:18-20;

Matt 26:52;

Rom 12:17-21;

Jer 21:4-5.

Notice all these verses in Psalms where the enemy’s thrust is reversed back on his own head.  This reversal is done through the mysterious power of the cross.  Look at all these supportive verses:

Psalms 5:10;


Ps 9:15-16;










This is why we are told by Jesus to love our enemies and resist not an evil person–so God can then reverse the enemy’s wrath back on his own head.  The enemy’s wrath against us, through the Cross principle, becomes the burning coals of vengeance reversed back on his own head.  This reversal may bring him to conviction and convert him.  Retaliating against an enemy will only perpetuate his evil and never convert him.  Rom 12:17-21.

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