A Major Principle of the Cross

principle of cross

Although I have a power or a right against someone else, I choose not to exercise that power or right in order to benefit that person, especially a person who DOES NOT DESERVE IT.  This is a major principle of the cross.

Philippians 2:5-11.  Although Christ was co-equal with His Father, He did not exploit that but rather gave it up and came down into incarnation and death in order that we, who did not deserve it, might be saved.

1 Cor 9:4-18.  Paul’s refusal to accept financial support was a status-denying, others-regarding love.  This is the “Law to (or ‘of’) Christ” or Law of Love.  Gal 6:2.

1 Cor 10:21-33 @v24.  Paul was freed from the law, but re-enslaved himself in order to free others.  “Not seeking one’s own” is a rights- renouncing others-oriented love.

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Sources: http://safeguardyoursoul.com/a-major-principle-of-the-cross/


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